BBH Global Core Select Fund

A Prudent Approach to Global Investing

BBH Global Core Select Fund (“the Fund”) aims to invest in established, cash-generative,  global businesses that are leading providers of essential products and services with strong management teams. The Fund seeks to purchase the publicly traded equity securities of such companies at a discount to their intrinsic values. Estimates of intrinsic value are based on proprietary analysis of prospective free cash flows and returns on capital. We apply a disciplined investment selection process focused business, management and financial attributes.

The Fund will generally hold investments in 30-40 companies with market capitalizations greater than $3 billion that are domiciled both in the US and internationally. The targeted holding period is three to five years. Investments are typically sold if they appreciate above estimated intrinsic value. The Fund seeks to own a minimum of 40% non-U.S. companies in the portfolio.

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