Mondrian Investment Partners Limited 
Elizabeth A Desmond, Chief Investment Officer - International Equities
Ms. Desmond is a graduate of Wellesley College and the Masters Program in East Asian Studies at Stanford University. After working for the Japanese government for two years, she began her investment career as a Pacific Basin investment manager with Shearson Lehman Global Asset Management. Prior to joining Mondrian in the Spring of 1991, she was a Pacific Basin Equity Analyst and Senior Portfolio Manager at Hill Samuel Investment Advisers Ltd. Ms. Desmond is a CFA Charterholder, and a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of the UK.

Melissa Platt
Ms. Platt joined Mondrian in 2004. Prior to that she worked atFundSource Research for 3 years as an Investment Analyst and later as the firm’s Research Manager.  She began her career as a consultant at KPMG Corporate Finance. She is an Economics and Finance graduate of Massey University, New Zealand.

Walter Scott and Partners Limited
Rodger Nisbet
Rodger is the Executive Chairman of Walter Scott.  He joined the firm in 1993 and headed up the Client Service Group after working in the investment team for a number of years.  Prior to joining the firm he ran his own real estate business.  He holds a BA (hons) in Environmental Design from the University of Dundee.

Jane Henderson
Jane is the Managing Director of Walter Scott. She joined the firm in 1995 and co-chaired the Investment Management Group prior to becoming Managing Director in 2010.  She holds a BSc (hons) in Marine and Environmental Biology from the University of St. Andrews.

Roy Leckie
Roy is a Director of Walter Scott and along with Charlie Macquaker leads the investment management group.  He is also a member of the Asia Pacific research team.  He joined the firm in 1995.  He holds a BSc (hons) in Statistics from the University of Glasgow.

Charles Macquaker
Charlie is a Director of Walter Scott and along with Roy Leckie leads the investment management group.  He is also a member of the Americas research team.  Charlie joined the firm in 1991.  He holds a BSc (Econ) (hons) in European Studies from Buckingham University.

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