Investment Criteria

Corporate Bonds
  • Corporate bond holdings will be analyzed and approved by the Fund’s Adviser.
  • The Adviser will seek to purchase debt that it believes is unlikely to be subject to material price decline due to real or perceived deterioration in credit quality.
  • The Fund seeks to invest primarily in companies with:
    • Durable business models that produce stable cash flows under a variety of economic scenarios.
    • Balance sheets characterized by appropriate leverage and assets that can be monetized.
    • Management that takes a long-term, balanced view of protecting their company’s access to all capital markets.
    • Securities that are attractively priced relative to instruments of comparable quality.

Asset-backed securities

  • The Fund will invest in asset-backed securities (“ABS”), for which the Adviser is able to analyze the fundamental value and performance of the financial assets (typically loans) underlying the security. The Adviser will consider:
    • the trends and timing of defaults and recoveries;
    • the contractual terms of issue; and
    • the financial strength of the sponsor.
  • The Adviser will seek to buy issues where the sponsor has a meaningful interest in the health of the securitization and continued access to the ABS markets, and could incur a financial loss along with the bond holders if the underlying assets are of poor quality.
  • The Fund seeks to purchase ABS with relatively predictable average lives and avoid those presenting excessive risk of maturity extension.
  • The Adviser seeks ABS with a margin of safety, such that the underlying assets of securities purchased will be able to withstand a multiple of our loss estimates without impairing the value of the bond.

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Effective October 5, 2012, BBH Broad Market Fund has been renamed to BBH Limited Duration Fund.

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