The BBH Money Market Fund is currently available only to clients whose assets are held in custody by Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Fixed Income Investment Principles

We are value investors
We believe prices often overshoot fundamentals, and we seek to take advantage of mispricing created by short-term volatility.

We invest with a margin of safety
Mispricing gives us the opportunity to purchase investments at discounted valuations, i.e. an added margin of safety. When attractive valuations are not available, we maintain cash, Treasury, or other liquid reserves.

We aim to preserve capital through independent research
We are committed to deep fundamental research and we have made it a foundation of our investment process. We commit capital only to durable, transparent, well-managed and appropriately structured investments.

We take a long-term approach
In some cases, the market will not recognize the additional value in a bond prior to maturity.  Therefore, we invest with a long-term approach, applying discipline, patience, and an ownership perspective.

We let value opportunities drive portfolio construction
Our security selection and sector weightings build “bottom-up” from the depth and availability of attractively priced opportunities, not “top-down” from benchmarks, ratings, or macro-thematic views.

We foster a culture of transparency, process discipline, and open debate
We believe these principles, lead to greater objectivity and better decisions.